50 states that rhyme lyrics

50 States that Rhyme

Explore the captivating world of 50 States that Rhyme lyrics, a fun and educational way to learn about the 50 states of America. Join us on a lyrical journey through the United States and discover the melodies that make each state unique.

50 States that Rhyme lyrics

Here are lyrics that list all 50 states of the United States in a rhyming format:

Alabama, Alaska, Arizona too,
Arkansas, California, Colorado, woo!
Connecticut, Delaware, Florida’s sunny rays,
Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, let’s praise!

Illinois, Indiana, Iowa and Kansas,
Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, where lobster dances.
Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan’s great lakes,
Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri takes.

Montana, Nebraska, Nevada’s shining lights,
New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico’s sights.
New York, North Carolina, North Dakota’s plains,
Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon’s mountain chains.

Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina’s charm,
South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, keep us warm.
Utah, Vermont, Virginia, sweet melodies,
Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin’s cheese.

Wyoming, the 50th state, completes the rhyme,
Each one unique, in its own special time.
From east to west, and north to south,
The United States, with diversity to tout.

Please note that this is a creative rhyme scheme and may not accurately reflect the geographical order of the states.

50 States that Rhyme Music Video

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