Missouri Teacher Brianna Coppage Resigns Amidst Controversy: A Detailed Account

In recent news, the story of Missouri teacher Brianna Coppage has captured the attention of the nation. The 28-year-old English instructor found herself at the center of a media storm after her OnlyFans account came to light, leading to her suspension and eventual resignation from her teaching position at St. Clair High. In this comprehensive article, we delve into the details surrounding this controversy and explore the factors that led to her decision to pursue a career in the adult industry.

The Unveiling of a Double Life

Brianna Coppage’s journey into notoriety began when an interview on a Thursday revealed that she had been suspended from her teaching job. Her revelation about her involvement in the adult entertainment industry via OnlyFans sent shockwaves through her community. This revelation came eight days after her suspension, highlighting the rapid escalation of events.

Behind Closed Doors: The School’s Response

Once school administrators learned of Coppage’s dual life, they wasted no time in addressing the situation. She was summoned for a closed-door meeting, during which she faced intense questioning about her extracurricular activities. Subsequently, her access to her school accounts at St. Clair High was promptly revoked. This swift reaction from the school administration only added to the growing controversy.

An Ongoing Investigation

Following Coppage’s suspension, the St. Clair School District initiated an internal investigation into the matter. This investigation was still ongoing when she made the decision to resign voluntarily. The circumstances surrounding her departure from her teaching position raised questions and curiosity among the public.

A Teacher’s Resignation

Brianna Coppage, who goes by the pseudonym “Brooklin Love” on OnlyFans, explained her decision to resign as an attempt to avoid further backlash and to focus on her increasingly lucrative career in the adult entertainment industry. Her decision to resign was not taken lightly, as it marked a significant turning point in her life.

The Ripple Effect

As news of Coppage’s story spread, her OnlyFans account gained thousands of new followers. Her biography on the platform now boldly declares, ‘Yes… I’m THAT teacher.’ This newfound attention and the subsequent surge in her income played a pivotal role in her decision-making process.

Speculations and Suspicions

Despite her resignation, Coppage remains uncertain about who initially tipped off school officials about her OnlyFans account. She believes that it was an adult within her small town who reported her activities, not one of her students. She expressed her desire for the situation to be resolved peacefully, without further hate directed towards the school district.

Coppage’s Future Plans

With her resignation from the education sector, Brianna Coppage has chosen to fully devote herself to her OnlyFans account. Her decision was influenced by a desire to increase her income and her genuine enjoyment of her work in the adult entertainment industry. Coppage emphasized that her face and name had become widely recognized, contributing to her choice.

A Trend in the Making

Interestingly, Coppage’s story is not an isolated incident. It represents a growing trend of individuals leading double lives as OnlyFans creators. In Missouri alone, another case recently came to light, involving a female police officer who was outed as an OnlyFans model after pulling over one of her subscribers. This emerging pattern highlights the complexities of modern-day digital exposure and the blurred lines between personal and professional lives.


The story of Brianna Coppage, the Missouri teacher who resigned to pursue a career in the adult entertainment industry, is a captivating tale that has garnered widespread attention. Her journey from a high school English instructor to a notable figure in the world of online adult content sheds light on the evolving dynamics of personal privacy, professional choices, and the impact of online exposure.

As this story continues to make headlines, it underscores the importance of maintaining a boundary between one’s private life and public image in today’s digital age. Brianna Coppage’s decision to resign and embrace her newfound career path serves as a thought-provoking case study in the ever-evolving landscape of personal and professional choices in the modern world.

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