Red on Yellow, Deadly Fellow: The Coral Snake Rhyme

The Coral Snake Rhyme Lyrics

Coral Snake Rhyme:
“Red on yellow, kill a fellow,
Red on black, venom lack.”

Coral Snake Rhyme Poem:

In the forest deep and wide,
Where creatures slithered side by side,
A rhyme was sung to children fair,
A warning of a snake’s deadly snare.

“Red on yellow, kill a fellow,”
The coral snake’s hues so bright and mellow,
Its beauty hides a venomous bite,
A danger lurking in the night.

“Red on black, venom lack,”
The scarlet snake, a friend, not an attack,
Its colors tell a different tale,
No venom to make others pale.

Remember these words, oh child, dear,
When serpents cross your path, so near,
Stay away from red on yellow’s trace,
And with black on red, find a safer space.

Coral Snake Rhyme Meaning:

The Coral Snake Rhyme serves as a cautionary message to help people distinguish between the highly venomous coral snake and harmless scarlet snake. The rhyme’s colors describe the patterns on these snakes and provide a memorable way for individuals to recognize which one is dangerous and which is not.

Coral Snake Rhyme Song

Verse 1:
In forests green where dangers lie,
A rhyme we sing to stay safe and sly,
Red on yellow, kill a fellow,
Beware the coral snake, so mellow.

Red on black, venom lack,
The scarlet snake, no need to attack,
Remember well, this rhyme’s decree,
And from harm’s way, you shall be free.

Coral Snake Rhyme Video


Q1: Does the coral snake rhyme work?

A1: Yes, the coral snake rhyme is effective in helping people differentiate between the coral snake and the non-venomous scarlet snake based on their distinctive color patterns.

Q2: What is the scarlet snake rhyme?

A2: The scarlet snake rhyme is not explicitly mentioned in the provided material. However, it is possible that it might be a similar cautionary rhyme to differentiate the scarlet snake from the coral snake, emphasizing the non-venomous nature of the scarlet snake.

Q3: What is the rhyme for coral vs. corn snake?

A3: The provided material does not include a specific rhyme for distinguishing between coral and corn snakes. However, in real-life situations, it is essential to consult reliable sources or experts to identify and differentiate between various snake species accurately.

Q4: What are some lines about the coral snake?

A4: “Red on yellow, kill a fellow,” is a line from the rhyme referring to the distinctive color pattern of the highly venomous coral snake.

Q5: What is the moral of the poem “The Snake”?

A5: The moral of “The Snake” poem is to raise awareness about the danger of encountering venomous snakes, particularly the coral snake, and to provide a simple mnemonic (the rhyme) for people to remember and stay safe in such situations. It encourages caution and knowledge when interacting with wildlife.

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